During 22/23 seasons I have qualified to fish four National Championships. I will be participating in two in October 2023 and have taken two Kayak teams to two National level Championships as a sponsor with one of the premier Kayak circuits in America “KBF” Kayak Bass Fishing. I routinely make the top 100 in the National KBF championship and have placed in the top ten several times in National, State and local tournaments this season . I will be fishing the KBF trail, challenge series and Native Kayak power series throughout the United States in 2023. Several state and local tournaments in Michigan and Ohio including Topwater and MKT Michigan Kayak Trail. During many of these events we distribute flyers, put on demonstrations and create content to provide details on your products. This takes place 5-10 times per year for each sponsor routinely representing your brand.

· MLF Major league fishing, BFL Michigan division and KBF Catch 22 tournaments and others throughout the USA are additional sponsorship opportunities. Placing 1st in the Catch 22 Kayak trail for the State of Michigan in 2022 and winning the second place grand prize Catch 22 Kayak for veterans causes was a recent highlight of the season. I travel and will be continuing to produce content using this unique Bonafide P127 Kayak with power-pole accessories as well as two Old Town 136 Autopilot Kayaks.

• In addition to being a Kayak tournament angler I have a Master’s degree in business and marketing with twenty nine plus years of experience firmly allowing me to represent my associates properly.

During 2023 I am seeking to obtain new sponsors to represent in the outdoor and fishing markets. Sponsors can expect key product placement in videos created at each tournament, social media representation and millions of impressions per month. In addition, all sponsors are highlighted by on tournament jerseys and my social media platforms regularly. Rich Soderquist is currently seeking sponsors in the following areas: Tournament entrance fees and travel expenses, product and product discounts, Kayak Watercraft brand, rods, reels, and line. Lithium batteries, camera gear and related outdoor products and businesses.

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